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Profile/Bio: As a feature film editor in Los Angeles for over 25 years Gillian Hutshing has edited over a dozen features plus television and short films (see attached resume links).  She has worked with acclaimed directors Sir Ridley Scott, Peter Weir, Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson, among others.  Ms. Hutshing has also worked on many films for children including "Ferngully: The Last Rainforest" for 20th Century Fox and "Oliver & Company" for Walt Disney.  One of Ms.Hutshing's most recent credits was as the editor (for over 3 years) with director, Sir Ridley Scott on “Blade Runner:The Final Cut” for Warner Bros. released in 2008.  “The Final Cut” is Ridley’s heart-felt definitive edit of that film.  Besides being a dedicated editor for both film and television all these years, Ms. Hutshing has mentored many upcoming film enthusiasts and continues to mentor many new filmmakers.

Ms. Hutshing has also written and illustrated a published children's book, "Sparky the Wonderfish: A story of how love creates magic".  She is also involved in many children's charities and literacy programs throughout the United States.  Ms. Hutshing has repeatedly been a featured author and title at the Book Expo America, West Hollywood Book Fair and the LA Times Festival of Books.  She has had numerous signings and events at Barnes & Noble Booksellers and Borders Bookstores throughout California. Ms. Hutshing is also on the Advisory Board and is the Booksellers Chairman for the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (GLAWS).

Ms. Hutshing grew up in La Jolla, California, and attended the University of California at Davis.

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"...This is a very sweet story that will appeal to a wide range of young readers..."
-Writers Digest

“I enjoyed Sparky a lot, good fun, and my daughter likes it too."
-Mike B. Anderson - Supervising Director, The Simpsons on Fox Television

“Your delightful, charming book ‘Sparky the Wonderfish’ is heartwarming and sure to delight..."
-Jerry and Esther Hicks, Abraham-Hicks Publications

Get more Sparky at www.GillianLeeHutshing.com or Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble Booksellers and Borders Bookstores

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