John D  Gwinner JGwinner
Torrance, CA 90505
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Science Fiction, Screenwriting, Graphic Novels

Profile/Bio: John Gwinner built a computer out of switches when he was 12; took to PC's right away, introduced them into the Marine Corps and started a lifelong journey with Word Processing software making people's lives easier (and sometimes harder!). He implemented email, base/campus area networks, Computer Security Officer, all ahead of their time.

John has nearly two decades of experience in VR. When he was 16, he wrote a story detailing something similar to the Holodeck in Star Trek, the Next Generation. After transferring to civilian life, he developed a 3D/VR interface for CompuServe during the last VR wave.

John has spoken at the Game Developer’s Convention and several global level software development conferences.

As Director/CTO he brought an Oracle consulting company from 16 people to 350 and subsequent acquisition by Accenture.

John also frequently presents to Writers conferences to help writers unlock the secrets of their software. He is currently working on a novel coupled with a VR environment that is best described as "Harry Potter meets Star Trek".

He participated in building a virtual version of Burning Man for BRC VR; the group won a Producer Guild of America Innovation Award in 2021

His day job is helping to create well built homes for everyone at Cover Technologies, inc; via software they are building mass produced customization of houses (“covers”)

He is currently working on a novel, “Tommie Corbett, Space Cadet” that couples with a VR environment that is best described as "Harry Potter meets Star Trek" in a SciFi Utopia.

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