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Speculative Fiction (stories in-between-the-genres that, if absolutely necessary to classify, would usually end up on the Science Fiction or Magic Realism shelf, not that there really is a Magic Realism shelf)

A sampling of my favorite authors: Kurt Vonnegut, Robert J. Sawyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Deepak Chopra, Mark Twain, Dostoyevsky and Ray Bradbury.

Profile/Bio: It's a dangerous thing to give a writer space to talk about him or herself. They'll go on and on. I'll try to keep this pretty short.

I started writing at age 7 and continued producing for the next 5 years what my little young mind was sure would be a line of bestselling novels, even though the novels generally maxed out around 30 - 40 handwritten pages.

My serious pursuit of professional writing began when I was 18 and wrote my first novel. Since selling my first short story when I was 20 (I am now 25) I have sold about a dozen stories to print magazines, anthologies, e-zines and podcasts, and three of my novels were picked up by the e-book distributor SynergEBooks. I self-published a collection of 43 of my stories entitled "Too Much Dark Matter, Too Little Gray: An Anthology of Weird Fiction".

Of course, at this point I am still chiseling my way into the big leagues.

Since beginning a serious writing career I have written 44 short stories, 4 novellas and 9 novels, one of which I am rigorously trying to publish despite the sobering fact that the economy is currently in a rusty wheelchair.

I read everything, whether labeled 'commercial' or 'literary', and allusions to everyone from James Joyce to Dostoyevsky to Stephen King to certain graphic novels can be found in my work, which generally portrays a world much like ours except with a surreal twist (think "Twilight Zone" as a simple reference). Of course, I aim for giving the reader a good time, but I am also just as concerned with giving the reader a substantial, thought-provoking good time. Thus, much of my fiction carries a philosophical or spiritual weight.

My current novel, "Skunk Ape Semester", is about a zoology professor and Bigfoot enthusiast who, tired of his academic life, strikes out across the country with 3 recent graduates to investigate the unknown. They travel from place to place, meeting characters both eccentric and level-headed, as they search for not only hidden animals but a new future for themselves. The quick elevator pitch is "On the Road" meets "The X-Files".

- Mike

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