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writing, reading, music, friends, family, good food, strong drink, long walks, quiet places, camping, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, books, creating unique ideas and seeing them through

Profile/Bio: AARON MASON was born in Southern California, but grew up in a small town in Washington State. Playing in the woods behind his house and exploring the coast of Puget Sound instilled Aaron with an active imagination that was developed further by reading comic books, reading and watching fantasy books and movies, and letís not forget being a huge Star Wars fan!
Moving back to Southern California, he dabbled in acting for a while with some success, but found his imagination was still leagues ahead of what he was seeing in movies or TV. Aaron decided to channel his creativity into writing. He got himself a manager and toiled in the spec-script market for several years, writing many, many screenplays, a few of which were optioned and came close to being made.
With a lot more room to maneuver, and a greater degree of creative freedom than the movie business had provided him, Aaron began writing novels. Together with his friend and co-author, Doug Warr, he wrote The Baffelgagging Blundernagging Brothers. The book was based on a script he had written years earlier, but now, thanks to his partnership with Doug, the two hired a Vancouver artist, Jason Walton, to collaborate on the Brothersí book. Thanks to Jason's artistic contributions along with Doug and Aaronís overactive imagination, Exter and Grimwilch Blundernagging came to life as not merely content with simple words on paper but in an elaborate graphic style that is sure to raise the bar for childrenís fantasy books from here on out.
Coming up next from Doug and Aaron is a comic book entitled Gate Of the East Wind due out in September from Praxis Comics. Aaron and Doug also recently optioned their screenplay, Voracious, to Farcor Productions and are working on several more graphic novels, stories and screenplays including the Native American Path of the Ice Fire and the comedic Bupkis & Zilch, janitors from the future who are superheroes today. Aaronís imagination is not one to linger on any one particular genre as he usually has at least six or seven projects that heís writing all at once. Expect at least six more Bafflegagging Blundernagging Brothersí books, along with gothic tales, ghost stories, science fiction, horror and fantasy.

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