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Medevial and Ancient History, Romance, Fantasy, Time Travel, Mysteries, and Sci-fi.

Profile/Bio: Hi, Iím Toni. I started to write in the 1990ís after a terrific college writing class. My teacher turned me on to writing groups, and I headed off to Romance Writers of America where I studied for a couple of years and then Mentored under a published writer. However, before I got a book finished. I ended up going back to college to complete a degree in History, centered on the Medieval and Ancient lifestyles, customs, foods, ect..
I went to work at LAUSD, hoping to pay for Graduate School, but ended up teaching English and Math instead of History. They found I had a predilection for helping people learn to unleash their writing abilities, and kept me doing so for the next 8 years. Unfortunately, grading papers, writing lessons and taking classes to get a credential in English kept me too busy to write my own stories.
Since Iíve changed to being an accountant I have found that my creative side is freer to do what it wants to do, write. And Iíve been having a fantastic time working on my current WIP over the last couple of months. Iím looking for a Romance writing group that wonít mind if the Romance is not the complete center of the book. I understand the importance of the interplay between the hero and heroine, but I also love the backdrops of history I can put this in. Honestly I will try to keep the time period of history from stealing the show.
Anyways long story short, Iím coming off a 16 year period of writerís block and am extremely excited to keep going, to improve, and to find friends I can share my passion with.

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