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Profile/Bio: Georgina Spelvin was Born Shelley Bob Graham, March 1, 1936 at 2:24 pm in Houston, Texas.

Toddler years were spent "on the road" with Geophysicist Dad. Mom managed to find a dancing school in just about every small town in Texas. Twelve years of public education were spent in fourteen different schools.

Graduation (National Honor Society) in 1954 was followed by a job dancing in the chorus of the Dallas State Fair Musicals. Then it was off to New York and a job as principal dancer at the Latin Quarter supper club in Times Square. Next came a job in the chorus of the Broadway musical, Pajama Game, then the understudy to Shirley MacLaine and the assumption of that role for the last months of the show's run. From there it was all downhill - as far as staring in musicals was concerned. Production jobs filled in and eventually led to film production jobs which led to interaction with all manner of underground film activities - most notably the role of Miss Jones in Gerard Damiano's landmark porn film, The Devil in Miss Jones. This was the "birth" of Georgina Spelvin in 1974.

From there it was, again, all downhill. This descent spiraled into the pits of sleaze-bag strip joints and alcoholism. Sobriety came November 11, 1981. A day job followed, affording an opportunity to learn desktop publishing. The Devil Made Me Do It, was self-published in this manner. Mr. Right came along in 1983 and marriage followed January 16, 2000.

Retirement from the L.A. Times in 2004 afforded the leisure to FINALLY write THE BOOK. The purpose of her web site, GeorginasWorld.com is to make that book, as well as others that Georgina has had a part in developing, available to the world.

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