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General LATFOB Map

Dickerson Court Booth Map 

This map is for close-up reference only, using the 2009 layout. It approximates where booth 624 is expected to be.
The 2010 map is a PDF attached (but not as easlity readable as this one) LATFOB MAP

Navigating the Grounds

Shuttles: Throughout the Festival, UCLA will provide free shuttle bus services connecting outlying UCLA parking lots with the main Festival entrances. Shuttle stops will be located at parking lot 36, parking lot 1, the West Festival Entrance (UCLA Ackerman Union), and the East Festival Entrance (UCLA parking lot 2).

Shuttles will run simultaneous northbound and southbound routes, with each route making all the above stops. Both shuttle routes will begin service at 9 am on both Saturday and Sunday. The south bound shuttles will continue until 7:00 pm on Saturday and 6:00 pm on Sunday. The northbound shuttle route will continue only until 4 pm on both Saturday and Sunday. The shuttles will run at 15 minute intervals.

Parking: There is NO preferred parking. If you are handicapped, the closest area appears to be Parking Lot 5, which is northwest of our booth.


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