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at the
2014 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society is proud to present a talented slate of almost thirty authors in Booths 953 at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on April 12 & 13, 2014.  Authors will appear and have their books available for sale and autograph to attendees and fans.

Authors scheduled to appear (in alphabetical order) include:

HSJulie Brown

JULIE MAYERSON BROWN lives on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, a rural suburb of Los Angeles, with her husband, two sons (who return from school periodically for laundry service and home-made chicken soup), two boxer dogs, and hundreds of wild peacocks. Her work has appeared in the Daily Breeze, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Jewish Journal, and Parenting Magazine.

Julie grew up in the San Fernando Valley, graduated from Birmingham High School, and then attended UCLA where she earned a BA in Communications Studies.
An “at-home” mom and community volunteer for over twenty years, she is a founding member of Mothers Advocating Prevention, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting children and teens.

cvrHer first novel, The Long Dance Home, was published in November of 2012 by Mischievous Muse Press, a subsidiary of World Nouveau Publishing. Former ballerina, Cecilia Rose, returns to her hometown where she is lured back into the life she had escaped years prior, vowing never to return. Description At the time of her 29th birthday, Cece's predictable life takes a number of unexpected turns that throw the level-headed, disciplined, former ballerina into turmoil. Following a chance encounter with an old rival who makes an unexpected request, Cece is forced to make a life-changing decision. With a broken heart and an unknown future, she returns to her hometown where she immerses herself in a production of The Nutcracker, considers a holiday fling with an enticing older man, and struggles to leave behind the life she had dreamed of.

Currently working on her next novel, Julie usually can be found in one of the quiet corners of her local library. When not writing, she is tending to her dogs, texting her sons, trying to revive her tiny vegetable garden, and attempting to rid her house of clutter.

Dawn Anderson at the Greater Los Angeles Writers SocietyCynthia J. Cordell

Cynthia Cordell’s book “Sharing Short Stories” was a way for her to express herself creatively.  These stories aspire to boost the reader’s ego.  The reader only needs to get into the mind of one her characters to feel virtually immersed in the closeness Cynthia has felt with each of her literary creations.

Writer’s block helped her to focus on getting around creative obstacles and created challenges along her writing path that she described as ‘life experiences,’ rather than struggles.  Determined to transform even the most awkward of writer’s stumbling blocks into something positive, her short stories reach out to the optimist in all of us!

Both leisure time and work time – the internet has brought it all together for this young author.  Cynthia J. Cordell, who on the back of her mind, aspires to do a blog, reads and critiques the work of others on online writing communities and forums.

Dawn Anderson at the Greater Los Angeles Writers SocietyIn fact the sunrise each and every morning is a welcome occurrence for her because it’s a chance to get on the internet.  Challenges (great and small), usually those that have to do with researching her writing, are just keyboard clicks away from being resolved.

When she’s not writing, she’s drawing clip art and submitting them to online greeting card websites.

Writing her book “Sharing Short Stories” was a way for her to express herself creatively.  The stories aspire to boost the reader’s ego.  The reader only needs to get into the mind of one her characters to feel virtually immersed in the closeness Cynthia feels with each and every one of her literary creations.

Writer’s block has helped her to focus on getting around creative obstacles and has created challenges along her writing path that she likes to describe now as ‘life experiences,’ rather than struggles.  Determined to transform even the most awkward of writer’s stumbling blocks into something positive, her short stories reach out to the optimist in all of us!

In the 1990’s, Cynthia also worked at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a software engineer.  Her work there has introduced a smattering of technical insight into her writing.

Learn more and order books at:

hsDr. Heather Friedman Riviera

Dr. Heather Friedman Rivera's startling healing from past life regression led her on a quest of discovery and scientific investigation into past lives. Her experience and reports from over 200 survey respondents from around the world validate the spiritual, psychological, and even physical healings that can result. She reveals her personal journey of healing and the findings from her past life study.

Preview of Healing the Present from the Past “Damp green grass bends under me and cushions my fall. I did not presume that this would be my final resting place, but alas I find myself on this field of green. My body is growing cold beneath the heavy chainmail. Choking on my blood, I become aware of my impending death. Yet, I find I am not afraid. As I gaze up at the wet, gray sky I know the battle was fought with honor and I will die the same way. I have stayed true to the cause and my duty. My only regret is being parted from my beloved horse. How heavy my armor suddenly feels, as if it is trying to compress all the air from my lungs. So difficult to breathe . . . so cold . . . tired . . . no pain . . . finally peace . . .This is not an excerpt from a medieval fairy tale, but from a life altering experience that lead to a restructuring of everything I thought I knew.”

cvrDr. Heather Friedman Rivera obtained her Ph.D. in Parapsychic Science in 2011, her Doctorate in Law in 2002 and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Past-life Regression.  She trained with Dr. Brian Weiss at The Weiss Institute. Heather is also a Registered Nurse with over 20 years of experience.  Heather serves on the Board of Directors for the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies (IARRT) as Co-Director of Research.  She is an adjunct faculty member for the American Institute of Holistic Theology and serves on the Ph.D dissertation review committee. Her personal history with chronic illnesses prompted her to publish several articles on managing chronic illness, evaluating nutritional supplements, and utilizing holistic health approaches. In addition, her article on the research was published in the Journal of Regression Therapy Vol. XXI, Number 1, March, 2012. Her story of healing from PLR can be found in Miracles Happen by Dr. Brian Weiss and Amy Weiss.

Healing the Present from the Past is available at, Barnes&, .
Please go to for more information.

hsAce Antonio Hall

Ace Antonio Hall graduated from Long Island University with a BFA. He is a former NYC middle-school English teacher that now resides in Los Angeles.

Ace's short story, Dead Chick Walking, made the Fall 2013 edition of the best-selling Calliope Magazine and his science fiction story, THEY, won the Honorable Mention distinction for the 2013 Writers of the Future Award.

His YA zombie novel, The Confessions of Sylva Slasher from Montag Press takes place ina parallel world where zombies are harmless witnesses for homicidal cases or corporate and family legal disputes, a teenaged necromancer races against time to prevent an undead takeover aboard a cruise ship. She unexpectedly finds herself trapped in a surreal and frightening struggle between a new species of mutant-zombies and a Ship of 1000 Corpses, both with a hunger to destroy every living being on the planet ...And so an eighteen-year-old girl becomes the monster she’s sworn to kill.

Got zombies? Sylva Slasher does...

For updates and news, follow him on Twitter @aceantoniohall or visit

Head ShotKen Hughes

Ken Hughes has been living for storytelling since his father first read him The Wind In The Willows, and everything from Stephen King‚s edge to Hayao Miyazaki‚s sense of wonder has only fed that fire. He has worked as a technical writer in Los Angeles at positions from medical research to online gaming to mission proposals for a flight to Mars.


Shadowed: He can hear a whisper a block away… and can't remember why.

Open your mind, to a city where mystery chases up and down office back stairways, turns brother against brother, and plays out on frozen sidewalks where lives may be shattered if the enemy even looks at the ragged man passing by in the crowd—and even that man cannot guess what memory will be next to batter his mind.

Paul was no detective, no thief, only a student trying to get some distance from his father and brother. When he found himself marked by the power to enhance his senses, he had only that treacherous gift and what few tricks he dared to teach himself, to search for some explanation—or at least the chance to give it meaning by exposing a few petty corruptions.

Paul thought if he lived in poverty to keep his existence secret from the world, at least nobody could force him to use that gift as a weapon against others. But just when he thought he was untouchable, the last thing he expected shakes his world and drags him into the perils of his family, his power, and two women who each have a different claim on his life.

As Paul begins to play cat and mouse with enemies he can't even name, he must break every rule that's kept him alive, in every frantic chase and every gamble he makes to break his family free. And all the while, he knows his greatest enemy may still be what lies behind his own secrets.

If you think you know everything a paranormal thriller can do, take a closer look.

For more about Mr. Hughes stories, songs, and his Unified Writing Field Theory, see

Jones at GLAWSGerald W. Jones

Gerald W. Jones was born in Loma Linda, California during the "Baby Boomer era." He was the youngest of four children born to parents, who both had to work to make ends meet. Even though money was scarce there was plenty of love in the family, which contributes to him learning at a young age to work hard and get an education. While growing up, he developed a love for art, which he excelled in all through school, but upon entering college, his plans were either to enter law enforcement or commercial art.

Before he was able to complete his dreams, he had a change of plans again when he became a father and had a family to support. He worked as a Police Officer in San Bernardino in 1973. He remained
on the job for 30 years raising to the rank of sergeant. It was during this period that he faced many life changing experiences, which enabled him to see first hand some of the harshness in this world. Realizing he had to channel some of the negative situations into something positive,
He started writing poetry to express himself and release tension. After
sharing some of his poetry with close friends, he was encouraged to
share his writings with others through a local newspaper. He had an
article named "Geri's Corner" which was carried in the "Black Voice
Newspaper" for two years from 1991 to 1993. He also became an
outstanding photographer in his spare time, developing model's
portfolios, photographing weddings, and special events. Gerald has
had some of his work printed in magazines and also won several photo

Upon Gerald's retirement from the force in 2004, decisions were made
to devote more time to his poetry for a book and real estate investments.
The latter enabled him to make a very good living, which allowed for
travel around the world twice. It was in his many travels that friends,
encouraged him to complete his book after he had completing some
180 pieces of work by 2011. Not until completing 355 pieces of work by
2012, that he really felt ready for self publishing.

cvrIn November of 2012, Gerald self published his first of three planned
books "My Poetic Journey," which is a collection of poetic expressions
following his path in life. The poems reflect his moods and feelings on topics from his family and friends to his own personal expressions of love and romance. They also cover his views on many of life issues such as betrayal, pain and hardships. Gerald's approach on some of these topics are very deep, reflecting his openness to express his inner most feelings, wwhich most men his age find hard to share. Gerald is very honest in
sharing his true feelings which many are finding to be very refreshing and
brave. Some of the comments from his readers have expressed that his
poems have helped them to face themselves in the mirror and confront
their demons, which have held them prisoners of their own insecurities.

hsKen Koury

This book has been 35 years in the making. That is how long people have been asking me to write it. Like most of you, when I first got serious about becoming a better Monopoly player I read every book I could find and searched far and wide for any other material that might help me. Frankly, there was not much out there. Most of what has been written is superficial and did not go into much detailed strategy. There was a lot written about the history of the game and some material that will help you learn the rules but the books I read did not go very far. More importantly, I could find nothing written by a tournament player. I finally decided to give it a try.

Ken Koury is an internationally known Monopoly player, having competed as a player and coach at the national and international tournament levels for more than 35 years. Ken holds two world records in official tournament play for the fastest game (bankrupting 3 players in 15 minutes, 38 seconds) and the highest asset 4-player game in a standard 90 minute round ($20,882). He enjoys corresponding with fellow players and often plays socially with some of the top players in the country including national and world champions. Players all over the world ask him to settle disputes over the rules and their interpretation, a service he gladly performs for free.

cvrOn October 18, 2003, he was among the top 48 players in the nation chosen to compete in the United States Monopoly Championship where he took 3rd place. Included in the competition were a number of National Champions as well as the youngest player, Ken's 11 year old daughter Sarina who placed in the top 35 in the United States in classic Monopoly® and has remained in those ranks ever since. In terms of classic Monopoly Ken has not dropped out of the top four ranking since 2003.

Now for the first time a 35-year internationally known Monopoly tournament player shares secret game strategies and tactics previously known and practiced by only a handful of top competitive Monopoly tournament players and coaches.

Learn more and order here:

Leslie Ann Moore at the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society Booth 715 at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Leslie Ann Moore

Ms. Moore is the author of Griffin's Daughter, her debut novel and the first in her romantic fantasy Griffin's Daughter trilogy, was named 2008 IBPA Ben Franklin Award Winner for Best First Fiction. Griffin's Shadow, the second book in the series, has been officially endorsed by both Publisher's Weekly and The Library Journal. Both books are available online at and at local booksellers everywhere.

A native of Los Angeles, Ms. Moore received her doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of California at Davis in 1988. Dr. Moore lives and works in Los Angeles, CA and in her spare time, she practices the beautiful and ancient art of belly dance. She is also the Vice-President of the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society, and Chairs several committees.

Griffin's ShadowGriffin's Destiny, the third and final volume of the Griffin's Daughter Trilogy is now available in paperback direct from the publisher. You can order a signed personalized copy by going to

Visit Leslie Ann's website at

Charles Domokos photo comingmadeline Sharples

Although Madeline Sharples worked for most of her professional life as a technical writer and editor, grant writer, and proposal manager, she fell in love with poetry and creative writing in grade school. She pursued her writing interests to high school while studying journalism and writing for the high school newspaper, and she studied journalism in college. However, she only began to fulfill her dream to be a professional writer later in life.

Madeline is the author of the memoir, Leaving the Hall Light On: A Mother’s Memoir of Living with Her Son’s Bipolar Disorder and Surviving His Suicide, released in a hardback edition in 2011 and re- released in paperback and eBook editions (Dream of Things, 2012). It tells the steps she took in living with the loss of her oldest son, first and foremost that she chose to live and take care of herself as a woman, wife, mother, and writer. 

Nonlinear EditingShe also co-authored Blue-Collar Women: Trailblazing Women Take on Men-Only Jobs (New Horizon Press, 1994), co-edited the poetry anthology, The Great American Poetry Show, Volumes 1 and 2, and wrote the poems for two photography books, The Emerging Goddess and Intimacy (Paul Blieden, photographer). Her poems have also appeared online and in print magazines.

Madeline’s articles appear regularly at the Naturally Savvy, PsychAlive, Aging Bodies, and Open to Hope websites. She also posts at her blogs, Choices and at Red Room and is currently writing a novel. Madeline’s mission since the death of her son is to raise awareness, educate, and erase the stigma of mental illness and suicide in hopes of saving lives.

For more information and to buy books, please visit:

Dream of Things | | Book trailer | Blog

hsGregory Urbach

An avid reader of history, Greg Urbach has been writing science fiction for nearly 30 years.  From his days working for a campus newspaper at CSUN, he has also pursued an interest in politics, sociology, and popular culture.  His degree in Urban Studies proved useful when writing the nine-book Waters of the Moon series, the story of an orphaned child on an abandoned moonbase being raised by Machiavellian computers. 

In 2012, he published his first fantasy novel, Magistrate of the Dark Land.  In 2013, two new books are scheduled; Custer at the Alamo and Slave of Akrona.  Based on his many years of study, all of his books reflect alternate worlds where the concepts of good and evil are challenged by grim realities. 

cvrMagistrate of the Dark Land

Having fled a battlefield in his youth, Owen Vander knew himself to be a coward, yet he went on to become a king’s magistrate at a young age.  He served his office with integrity, but when Good King Tarten died, the medieval kingdom of Northwaye fell into chaos.  With his family dead, Owen abandoned his profession to wander the southern plains only to lose himself in a bottle.

Then one day two young daughters are kidnapped by marauders, taken as slaves to cities in the north.  Though Owen thinks their rescue is best accomplished by bounty hunters, their distraught fathers beg him for help, and so begins an adventure where Owen will encounter bold mercenaries, merciless freebooters, fierce warrior women, and corrupt government officials.  And in the course of this journey, Owen will discover he is searching for more than two lost innocents.

Visit or email Greg at

Head ShotS.R. Zales

S.R. Zales will present his new work, Jenny and the Hummingbird Faeries.  

cvrJenny Mirland, a "runt' of a tomboy, is chosen by the Hummingbird Faeries to defend their ancient home hidden in the hills of Catalina Island. She must find the source of the deadly Black Globs that invade the Faeries magnificent crystal encrusted Chine while stopping the ravage of the Blood Blossom Trees from destroying her islands fragile ecology. One dark magic man stands in her way, the sinister Dex Cobben.

In her amazing quest she is aided by her shaggy pet cat, Ms. Po, who instructs her in the ways of magic. Jenny soon discovers her own identity as a White Witch. In this wondrous journey Jenny, Ms Po the Faerie Pim and Hummingbird Rhen, risk all to thwart Cobben's evil plan. Victorious in one battle Jenny must overcome her deepest fear to confront the last Black Glob. In a fierce fight a tragic loss shocks Jenny and a secret is revealed.

S.R. Zales was born in Cleveland, Ohio. At the age of five he arrived by train in California where he now resides. A graduate of Loyola University, his greatest experience was duplicating Huck Finn's raft adventure on the Mississippi River. Work, marriage, two children and numerous pet cats occupied his life as he wrote every day. He developed this book with his six grand children and twelve great nieces and nephews in mind.

"Writing a fantasy novel for a young person, like my grand-kids was exciting but most of all - fun."

He is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBW) and Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (GLAWS). He is on Facebook at Stan Zales and books may be purchased through

The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society is a 501 (c) non-profit that provides a forum for writers of all disciplines to meet and discuss their craft and the business of writing. GLAWS accomplishes this through monthly meetings, discussion forums, critique groups, special writer appearances, conferences, and other events conducted for the purpose of educating and mentoring writers of all levels of expertise. GLAWS monthly general meetings are open to the public, the first you may attend free before joining. It is a great venue to meet other writers and expand your expertise.

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