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GLAWS Author Event

The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society
at the
6th Annual Leimert Park Book Fair

The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society is proud to present a talented slate of authors in Booths # 1 & 2 at the Leimert Park Book Fair on June 30th, 2012. 10 am-6 pm  Authors will appear and have their book, DVDs and merchandise available for sale and autograph to attendees and fans.

Authors scheduled to appear (in alphabetical order) include:

Charles Domokos photo coming

Charles Domokos has taught post-production classes at the University of Southern California (U.S.C.) School of Cinema & TV and at the U.S.C. Summer Production Workshop from 1988 to 2003 (various Avid platforms). He has also taught TV and post-production courses at Loyola Marymount Univ. (Avid & FCP) and (currently) at Los Angeles City College School of Cinema-TV. He has served as an Avid consultant to TV post-production houses and edited short-form and long-form projects including TV documentaries and independent features. His most recent film RETURN TO VIETNAM won a 2007 Silver Telly (highest award) in the feature tv documentary category.

Nonlinear Editing“Non-linear Editing: The Cutting Edge” provides the foundation for the college-level media student to make the leap into the world of film and HD-based professional post-production, as practiced in the Hollywood media community. This soft-cover text covers basic techniques and generic procedures fundamental to popular visual non-linear editing software from AVID, ADOBE and FINAL CUT and PRO TOOLS audio editing software. This book teaches the basic procedures including synchronization of audio to visuals, film-to-tape conversion, output to tape, output to film, standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD) conversions, and everything in between. There is special emphasis given to sound editing techniques to achieve professional level sound quality. “Non-linear Editing: The Cutting Edge” has been chosen to be part of the Los Angeles Public Library film book collection.

Gardner’s Guide to NLE: The Cutting Edge: ISBN 1589650212; available from, www.Barnes &, and the Garth Gardner Publishing Company,
1 866 GO GARDNER or

Charles Domokos photo coming

Robert Glover

Robert Glover has 25+ years combined experience working in the health/fitness field, physical therapy, nutrition, chiropractic, and sports medicine. He is an author, speaker, soldier, servant, fisherman, farmer, and friend.

Robert Glover has taught health & fitness, health & safety, and injury prevention classes at companies such as: YMCA, San Diego State Adult Fitness Program, Scripps Memorial Hospital, Shiley’s Sports & Health Center, Western Digital Inc,. Sparklette’s Water Inc,. Black Women’s’ Lawyer Association of Los Angeles, Second Baptist Church Christ Our Redeemer Church, Starlight Baptist Church, Salvation Army, Saddleback Church, Gary House, Mercy House, White Memorial Hospital, St. Vincent Hospital, Goodwill Industries, Wells Fargo, Baldwin Elementary, African American Women’s Symposium, Saywitz Corporatio,n Whole Food Market,s Ayco Financial, Exchange Club of Irvine, Business Network International, Toastmaster's International, Tax financial Group (Newport).

Butt BookIn The Butt Book, Dr. Glover cuts to the chase as he outlines a behavior-oriented system o winning in life, to fulfilling your potential by taking action now. He reminds us that the key to obtaining superior results lies in the power of our mind, coupled with the right kind of desire, drive, and disciplined-action, towards our personal endeavors. Reading this book is a must for any health/fitness enthusiast desiring a quantum blueprint for personal fitness success, and achievement in better living.

What you will experience as you read, understand, and apply the exercises outlined in this book is a safe, practical, and effective method of achieving better results. These results not only center on getting your butt into shape as the title suggests. The Doctor presents a practical and honest approach for your overall health/fitness success. He reveals how to achieve having a firmer, more defined, and healthier body.

Purchase books at: Amazon or

Robin Reed

Robin Morris

ONE SCARY MOTHER. As the Conover family drives from L.A. to Chicago, increasingly strange things begin to happen. Nine year old Michael sees a face form in the glass of the car’s window. Fourteen year old Alison sees two creepy children outside the family’s motel room. Mama has found the Conovers and is using them as a lesson for her children. There is nothing like the memory of family road trips no matter what your destination holds.

On the journey the mind is freed from daily life and children’s imaginations go wild, except this time it isn’t their imagination and the parents are seeing it too.

cpverMama taints the magic of summer vacations and sight-seeing with evil games, torture and death that is sure to haunt the survivors for a lifetime. Mama can be found under the author name Robin Morris and Robin Reed, no worries it is the same danger filled adventure. One the grips you from the beginning and doesn’t let go till the last word on the last page and even then you may even be craving for a little more.

The Conover family seems like any typical family in the economy that we are all facing today. They are up for a move to their Grandmother’s house for a fresh and hopefully more luck filled start. The eldest daughter wishes for teenage freedom as she is ripped away from her friends, her little brother is a bother to her and fun to pick on. Just your normal balanced family. Then the weird things start to happen. Is it just their imagination? A dream? How can a dream touch you and give you deep chills within your body?


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Otis Sanders

Always & Forever, Love Success Stories of Marriages 20+ Years Strong.

Otis G. Sanders is a professional photographer. His involvement in photography spans more than 20 years. During that time he gained valuable experience in Advertising and Design, Commercial, Editorial, Portrait and Medical Photography.

He specializes in photographing People; on location, in the studio and in their individual environments. While studying photography at The Atlanta College of Art he developed his own style of Character Portraiture. After attending The Atlanta College of Art Otis began exhibiting his work in Galleries and Museums all over the United States and Africa.

In 1999 Otis Launched, an on-line exhibition space where he began featuring his work in the "Image gallery" by loading 7 black & white photos which he wrote about, then changed those images on the 7th of each month to give viewers a reason to come again and see different images. To date, visitors from more than 60 countries around the world have visited His work has been purchased by private collectors, Galleries and Museums, and companies in the United States, Africa, and London.

cvrIn November of 2011, Otis added "Published Author" to his list accomplishments, by publishing his first table-top photo book entitled: "Always & Forever, Love" Subtitled: Success Stories of Marriages 20+ Years Strong. "Always & Forever, Love" started with the question, "What does it take to have and maintain a loving, lasting, and happy marriage?" With that question, Otis set out to get answers by interviewing and photographing 50 couples of different ethnic backgrounds to find out what they were doing and continue to do to have successful marriages.

This book demonstrates through 50 couples of different ethnic backgrounds how God/Spirituality, Love, Respect, Trust, Communication, Commitment, Togetherness, Forgiveness, Patience & Honesty, are the ingredients that help build strong, lasting marriages. |

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Nancy Shiffrin

GAME WITH VARIATIONS, Love Poems by Nancy Shiffrin, reveals the dimensions of a mature woman’s erotic life. Nancy Shiffrin plays, dances, grapples with harsh realities and shares her dream life. 

About her work poet/critic Robert Peters says, “Nancy Shiffrin’s poems are gut-land responses to a personal life of risks, frustrations, celebrations. Her writing is lean, sensitive and erotic. She celebrates the female body with a rare vigor.” 

Nancy Shiffrin is the author,  Game With Variations, My Jewish Name and The Vast Unknowing. cvrHer work has appeared in numerous periodicals, including the Los Angeles Times and The Journal of Anais Nin Studies. She earned her MA studying with Anais Nin. Her PhD in English is from The Union Institute. She has earned recognition from The Academy of American Poets, The Dora Teitelbaum Foundation and other literary organizations. Through Creative Writing Services, Nancy helps aspiring writers achieve publication and personal satisfaction.

Contact her at: 310.302.1107, or

Click on the link to read more and order

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Marva Washington

Black history has been shaped by such names as Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth and Zora Neale Hurston but the real social changes of the 1960s would not have been possible without the support of the college students and grassroots activists taking up the charge. My new book, Bid Whist at Midnight delivers the coming-of-age story of four young women caught up in the enormity of the Civil Rights Movement.

Bid Whist at Midnight is a romance novel grounded in the 1960s social change. In the turbulent 1960s, Sardis, Grace, Dorcus and Taletha became fast friends attending college at South Carolina State. But the solace they feel in their supportive and fun-loving group is rocked when a tragedy strikes and the life of one of the young women is cut short.

The novel takes readers on a trip through time, back to the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s and forward in time 20 years when Sardis, Grace and Dorcus reunite and revisit one of the worse nights of their lives-the night of the Orangeburg Massacre. What they find is that they are still haunted by guilt, but their reunion reminds them of the power of their friendship, allowing them to come to a place of forgiveness, love and a long-awaited farewell to a friend.

cvrBid Whist at Midnight is a strong romance novel in its own right, but it gains its legs in its social commentary looking back at the 60s and the cultural concerns facing black people at the time. It is a historical and sociological study of a volatile period in American history that provides a view and a voice not previously written.

Ms. Washington is a native of Charleston, South Carolina which is featured prominently in my novel, Bid Whist at Midnight. Since the 1970's however; she has resided in the Los Angeles area. As a student at Los Angeles Southwest College, she won a writing contest with the short story "Miss Jessie's Tale." Her other writing experiences include four years as a staff writer for the Los Angeles Herald-Dispatch and Watts Star Review Newspapers. Her latest work was in the January/February 2010 edition of Good Old Days Magazine titled "Secrets."

She is also a Viet Nam Era Army Veteran and a child of the untamed 1960's generation. Besides writing, I love reading the classics, traveling and making music with Glendale Community and Crown City Orchestras.

The book is available at the following:; Barnes and;and The author is on facebook and has further information at

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