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GLAWS Holiday Party 2007
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The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society held its annual Holiday Party on December 1st in the Ray Bradbury Room of the Palms-Rancho Park Library. The occasion is an opportunity for members to get together in a purely social atmosphere, share LOTS of good food, good books, and holiday cheer. Special thanks to Lillian Todaro who managed the Pot Luck, Mike Robinson who managed the Open Mic, Neil Citrin who managed the Wrapped Book Exchange, and Tony N. Todaro who coordiated the event.

The festivities began with a terrific Pot Luck Lunch thanks to all the goodies brought by (in no particular order): Patricia K.D., Tony & Lillian Todaro, Maestro Drake, Terry Gardner, Dr. Elaine Mura, Peter Mitchell, John & Judy Weiskopf, Diana Rosen, Marcie Geffner, Larry Alger, Vibe Norstrom, Renee Michelle Carter, Mike Robinson, Mario Contreras, Leslie Ann Moore, Barbara Schnell, Avi Magid, Peggy Clay, Lee Sloca, Ed Houston and Audrey Rogers.

The attendees were treated to readings by a number of fine writers who contributed their talent to the event. A wrapped book exchange followed, complete with a lively second round of swaps between members. As some members brought more than one book, a few others who didn't bring a contribution were able to get a good title, as well, to read over the holidays. [photos by Ynot ]

Santa GLAWS greeted everyone at the HolidayParty 2007
Our own Santa GLAWS greeted everyone
at the door with a holiday dance.
GLAWS Pot Luck - A feast for all at the HolidayParty 2007 - 2
Pot Luck Lunch
A feast that not only fed everyone,
we had leftovers for the librarians
(who were most appreciative)
John Weiskopf - GLAWS HolidayParty 2007 - 2
John Weiskopf
Read from his novel"The Ascendancy",
a science-fiction/fantasy adventure.

Avi Magid - GLAWS HolidayParty 2007 - 2
Avi Magid
Read from "The First Tea Party ",
a children's story.

Tony N Todaro - GLAWS HolidayParty 2007 - 3
Tony N Todaro
Read from his latest novel
"What Comes Around",
a time-travel murder mystery.

Maestro Drake - GLAWS HolidayParty 2007 - 1
Maestro Drake Amarillo
Read from his novel"The Outcasters",
a fantasy of politics, sports
and intergallactic culture.
Barbara Schnell - GLAWS HolidayParty 2007 - 2
Barbara Schnell
Read from her novel "First Year",
romantic, humorous fiction on the
first year of marriage.

Leslie Ann Moore - GLAWS HolidayParty 2007 - 2
Leslie Ann Moore
Read from her novel "Griffin's Daughter ",
a new fantasy bpublished by Avari Press.

Diana Rosen - GLAWS HolidayParty 2007 - 2
Diana Rosen
Read selected poems

Peter Mitchell - GLAWS HolidayParty 2007 - 5
Peter Mitchell
Read from his novel,
"Ramayan: Abduction of a Princess"
a historical fantasy/adventure.

Neil Citrin - GLAWS HolidayParty 2007 - 1
Neil Citrin
Read selected poems.

Lee Sloca - GLAWS HolidayParty 2007 - 4
Lee Sloca
Read selected poems,
complete with great visual aids.

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