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The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society
at the 2010
Orange County Children's Book Fair

The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society is proud to present a talented slate of authors at the 7th Annual Orange County Children's Book Fair on Sunday, October 3rd at Orange Coast College from 9:30am to 4:30pm at Booths 57 & 58. Authors will appear and have their books available for purchase and will autograph them for attendees. Author/members scheduled to appear are listed below.


Sara Beacham

Sara Beacham has been writing fiction since the Sixties.  The native Texan has written a science fiction novel, three children's books, and numerous short stories.  Sara holds a Bachelor of Science degree as well as a master's degree in educational psychology counseling.  Still writing at the age of 71, Miranda and the Tiger’s Eye is Sara’s first published work.

Miranda and the Tiger’s Eye is a young reader’s book that tells the story of a girl’s journey into a vivid fantasy land where she learns life lessons and makes treasured friends. Miranda’s adventure begins with a gift and a wish.  Book CoverThe gift, from a collector’s shop in India, is a special stone that fell from a statue stolen long ago.  The stone, called a Tiger’s Eye, is said to have magical powers.  Her wish to return the stone to its original owner soon becomes her quest.  Along the way, she is joined by a talking secretary bird and barn owl, both of whom bear similarities to real people in her life.

Young readers and fans of Harry Potter, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan will love Miranda and the Tiger’s Eye.

Follow Miranda at:,,, or


Samia Boctor

What If?…a reflection on hair is a book that asks children a series of fun, light questions which leads them to ponder the BIG question: if you have different hair, or no hair at all, would you be a different person? It emphasizes that each and every one of us is so beautiful exactly as we are. It helps children value diversities of appearance using hair as an example and is a perfect vehicle to introduce children at a young age to the concept of accepting oneself and others exactly as we are. It will aid them in coming to grips with the self image issues that can affect them throughout life.

Book CoverThis book is also very inspiring for children who have hair loss either from alopecia or during and after cancer treatments or brain surgery.

Samia Boctor is a first time children’s author. She considers her book, What if...a reflection on hair, a work of love that sends young readers the message that they are so beautiful exactly as they are. She also wants to remind parents, friends and family to constantly echo this message to their kids and to each other.

Samia is a physician, wife, mother, and grandmother. She has been working with student health departments at universities in the Los Angeles area for many years. Samia lived and studied in Egypt, Canada, and the USA. She has been living in the Los Angeles area for the past 30 years. She enjoys hiking, dancing, and travel.


Prakash Dheeriya

Dr. Prakash Dheeriy, PhD, is a Professor of Finance at California State University-Dominguez Hills. He has been teaching finance and investments for over two decades. Dr. Dheeriya has several publications in the field of financial markets. A frequent speaker at conferences, chambers of commerce and rotary clubs, he has received several research awards, has over 30 refereed publications to his credit. Prakash takes particular pride in caring for and educating his two young boys, ages 5 and 6 years, a role which he shares with his wife of 10 years. His motto in life is what he usually tells his kids: “Don’t worry. It’s going to be OK!” Prakash L Dheeriya

Book CoverSynopsis of Books: "Finance for Kidz" series consists of 20 children's books written in a story book form, but have financial lessons embedded in them. These books are hard cover bound, beautifully illustrated, written in jargon-free language that even a six year old can understand. These books are written from the perspective of children, and are based on their day-to-day experiences, and it is through these experiences, complicated financial concepts such as risk and return, inflation, deflation, identity theft and budgeting are explained.

For more information about these books, testimonials, and reviews, please visit

Father, Author & Professor of Finance
Finance for Kidz Series

In Press:
Jumpstart a Lifetime of Financial Wisdom!


R.C. Frederick

Griffin: The Littlest Gargoyle is Book One of The Griffin Pentalogy. Danger, adventures and strange creatures abound around every corner of the mysterious Labyrinth, in the streets of Paris and eventually...the haunting Notre Dame. The Griffin Pentalogy is full of secret lore and hidden connections but at the core lies the true treasure...the friendship of Griffin & François. Adventure has a new hero...Griffin: The Littlest Gargoyle. Courage is the crucial ingredient for true Friendship.

Book CoverGriffin is a little gargoyle who lives in a wondrous, secret garden just outside of Paris. He is a very young gargoyle. He is the favorite creature in the magical garden of Madame GruyÃre. Watch carefully when the Moon is full (L Enchantement de la Lune), many unusual, extraordinary things happen to all the topiary creatures...the garden is always in a constant state of metamorphosis.

Griffin is funny, brave, curious and extremely lovable. He is deeply loyal and protective of his dearest friend, the jovial and wise Parisian pigeon.


Kevin Gerard

BOOK ONE of CONOR and The CROSSWORLDS: A Boy, a Mystical Creature, and the Journey of a Lifetime…

Cvr1A young boy subconsciously calls forth the power of the crossworlds creators. They send the mystical beast, Purugama, to accompany him on a fantastic journey. After revealing a number of possible futures to his young companion, Purugama prepares to return him to his home. His plans are interrupted when Drazian, Purugama’s mortal enemy, faces the immense cougar in a ferocious battle. The prize? Conor’s life, or death, depending on the ultimate outcome…

Breaking the Barrier introduces Conor Jameson in the first of five epic fantasy adventures in the Conor and the Crossworlds series. As the journey continues, Conor’s battles against the Circle of Evil’s warriors become increasingly dangerous. Follow his amazing exploits as he becomes one of the Champions of the crossworlds, finally fulfilling the oracle’s prediction of reincarnation as first warrior and consort to the Lady of the Light…

Cvr2BOOK TWO: Conor, the Lord of the Champions, and a Desperate Mission…

Conor, the brave young lad from earth, awakens to a summons from the creators themselves. The Lady of the Light appears before him, requesting his service for a perilous journey. Conor must accompany the Lord of the Crossworlds Champions, Maya, on a mission to repair the corridors, with all of creation hanging in the balance…


Cvr3BOOK THREE: Two teenagers, an altered world, and the search for the Five Keys…

After divulging secrets about his adventures in the Crossworlds, something his mentors warned him never to do, Conor’s world turns upside down. He and his high school girlfriend, Janine, watch in horror as a powerful warrior sent by the Circle of Evil destroys their world and imprisons everyone they know, including the Crossworlds Champions and most of the creators…

Cvr4BOOK FOUR: The Battle for the Crossworlds has Begun…

Charge of the Champions, the fourth book in Kevin Gerard’s Conor and the Crossworlds series, launches Conor and the Champions into the Shadow World to confront the mighty armies of Seefra, the master of darkness, in a cataclysmic battle between good and evil. But before they can get underway, Conor must escape from the horrifying cell of shadows, travel through time and resurrect the group of seven, and find the patience to follow Maya’s plan to save his girlfriend, the five keys of the creators, and the Crossworlds…


Cvr5BOOK FIVE: All elements for the final confrontation have been assembled. The Circle of Evil has launched a weapon so devastating that even the combined powers of the Council of Seven may not be able to halt its advance. Entire worlds are vanishing from the system, taking with them the vital organic connections needed for interplanetary travel. The council has been briefed, the Lady of the Light has departed for the glade of Champions, and Conor cannot fathom how the course of his life is about to be altered yet again.

Visit the author’s website and enjoy the superb excerpts from books two through five.


Kevin Gerard lives in San Diego with his wife and four furry children. He teaches sociology and statistics for the California State University. When not writing or teaching, Mr. Gerard enjoys walking the grounds at the San Diego Zoo, golfing with his father, hitting the waves and his favorite pizza hangout with his brother, nieces and nephews, and loving his wife and kids. He also enjoys playing Halo on the internet; look for him in the rocket games as Drazian, the destroyer in Breaking the Barrier.

“I was carried along on this journey with Conor and Maya and the other Crossworlds Champions and they will always be a part of my heart. This book will have to be reread, slowly this time, just so I can savor the relationships and the experiences once more.   The author has left me with a deep hunger for the next book in this series and, for all the world, I have no idea where his imagination is going to take me next time, but I am ready for the ride! Bring it on, Kevin, but please bring it on soon!” – Mary Aycock, (Front Street Reviews)

 “I can't wait to have book three added to our library system. Your first two books have had holds on them ever since they were added to our collection. I just peeked now and there are additional holds on all of them.” – Jennifer Teitelbaum, Spring Valley Library

“In fact, the Conor and the Crossworlds series is so popular at Del Mar Heights Elementary School that the books never make it back to the shelf. When one student returns their copy another will check it out right away.” – Linda Tucker, School Librarian

Gillian Lee Hutshing, Author at the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society

Gillian Lee Hutshing

As a feature film editor in Los Angeles for over 25 years Gillian Hutshing has edited over a dozen features plus television and short films (see attached resume links). She has worked with acclaimed directors Sir Ridley Scott, Peter Weir, Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson, among others. Ms. Hutshing has also worked on many films for children including "Ferngully: The Last Rainforest" for 20th Century Fox and "Oliver & Company" for Walt Disney. One of Ms.Hutshing's most recent credits was as the editor (for over 3 years) with director, Sir Ridley Scott on “Blade Runner:The Final Cut” for Warner Bros. released in 2008. “The Final Cut” is Ridley’s heart-felt definitive edit of that film. Besides being a dedicated editor for both film and television all these years, Ms. Hutshing has mentored many upcoming film enthusiasts and continues to mentor many new filmmakers.

Book CoverBetween editing projects, Ms. Hutshing has also written and illustrated a published children's book, "Sparky the Wonderfish: A story of how love creates magic". She is also involved in many children's charities and literacy programs throughout the United States. Ms. Hutshing has been a featured author and title at the Book Expo America, West Hollywood Book Fair and the LA Times Festival of Books. She has had numerous signings and events at Barnes & Noble Booksellers and Borders Bookstores throughout California. Ms. Hutshing is also on the Advisory Board and is the Booksellers Chairman for the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (GLAWS).

"...This is a very sweet story that will appeal to a wide range of young readers..."
-Writers Digest

“I enjoyed Sparky a lot, good fun, and my daughter likes it too."
-Mike B. Anderson - Supervising Director, The Simpsons on Fox Television

“Your delightful, charming book ‘Sparky the Wonderfish’ is heartwarming and sure to delight..."
-Jerry and Esther Hicks, Abraham-Hicks Publications

Get more Sparky at <> or <> , Barnes & Noble Booksellers and Borders Bookstores

Get more Sparky at or or Borders Bookstores


Dan Kaiser

Dan Kaiser works in entertainment advertising writing copy for TV spots, web content, and print campaigns.  Surrounded by a family of teachers, he was naturally drawn to mentoring youth. 

For 4 years he has mentored a “Little Brother” through the organization Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles (he finds great amusement watching his “Little” grow both in height and sarcasm). He resides in Los Angeles, and currently writes and produces interactive children’s literature for the iPhone and iPad.



Skunk CVRThe Skunk Who Could Not Spray        

Enjoy a “tail” of friendship and self-acceptance with the lovable Skunk Who Could Not Spray.  Follow him as he befriends the Forest Friends and plays games, bowls, and even surfs.  Though the Skunk loves his new friends, he feels isolated and left out of the group’s activities.  When danger arises and a purple panther emerges from the forest, our Skunk learns that sometimes our greatest weakness can be our greatest strength.  Available for download on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad through BookPlayground, the interactive story uses narration, touch screen animations, and original music.

CoverSpirit Wolf and Mother Moon

Experience an original myth full of wonder and watercolor imagery: a story about the unique bond between mother and child and the inter-connectedness between all living things in nature. At nighttime Mother Moon showers her beautiful daughter Spirit Wolf with the love of moonlight. But when daytime comes, Mother Moon has disappeared. Searching in a mystical land, Spirit Wolf finds other spirit animals. The Great Eagle flies propelled by the love of his Mother Wind and Sea Turtle swims in the love of her Mother Sea.  In the end Spirit Wolf reunites with Mother Moon and learns how her mother’s love is uniquely her own. Available for download on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad through BookPlayground, the story uses beautiful artwork, a striking musical score, and an involving narration.


G. A. Hesse

Obie Griffin knew he was a jinx.  He’d proven that.  So, why was he chosen to fulfill an ancient prophecy and become the protector of the Moonpath Riders, the beautiful Gabrielle and her windlord, Mara?  Whisked back to an ancient kingdom at a time when black sorcery is destroying the world, he must decide whether to remain there or return to the safety of his own time–if it still exists. 

When Gabrielle and Mara are abducted, Obie makes a decision that hurls him into an epic journey with two unlikely companions.  Together they encounter fierce warriors spawned by black magic, Zelda the River Witch, enemy goblins, and others.  But the worst is yet to come, for it dawns on Obie that he must soon defend Gabrielle against the King of Darkness in a battle to save the earth–and the soul he thought he’d lost.

Book CoverG. A. Hesse developed an early appreciation of folklore, fantasy and science fiction and recalls writing her first fairy tale during recess in second grade.  She has worked for Corporate America and taught High School English.  Her curiosity about the world and other cultures has sent her on travels through the U.S., Europe, Mexico, and South America.  Ms. Hesse earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and American Literature with a minor in philosophy from California State University at Long Beach, and a Juris Doctor Degree from Western State University College of Law in Fullerton, California.  Choosing to pursue writing rather than practice law, she now lives and writes in Aliso Viejo, California.

Website Link:


Aaron Mason

Aaron Mason and his co-writer, Doug Warr, have been friends for many years, and honed their writing skills on screenplays and comic books. When they decided to venture into novel writing they wanted to develop a special project that set them apart. “The Baffelgagging Blundernagging Brothers in Curse of the Bog Frog” is that project. There are other adventures in the BBB series to come, as well as other sci-fi/fantasy novels and projects in various stages of development.

The Baffelgagging Blundernagging Brothers in Curse of the Bog FrogPart Dr. Seuss, part JRR Tolkien, and part Monty Python, the whimsical tales of The Baffelgagging Blundernagging Brothers focus on the misadventures of Exter and Grimwilch Blundernagging who go on a redemptive quest to make the world round. When they were spoiled young lads, the Blundernagging Brothers disobeyed their parents and set free the Perplexicating Quiggle-jibs (QJs for short), mysterious, mischievous magical plankton, whose chaos infects the planet, causing it to flatten like a pancake ? and now nothing makes sense. They must travel to strange lands and weird dimensions in order to round up the QJs and make the world again.


E.J. Nelson

E. J. Nelson is an artistic musician who started at a young age and for many years made a living performing on professional stages in New York City. Early on, he has enhanced his creative skills by writing poetry, lyrics and songs to add to his repertoire. Later in life he pursued a teaching career, which eventually led him to the opportunity of writing his first novel, “The Tall Tree Forest”. Currently He is working on the second book of the trilogy called, “The Secret of Hidden Valley”.

The Baffelgagging Blundernagging Brothers in Curse of the Bog Frog

“The Tall Tree Forest” is a story is about a young prince who sets out on a journey to explore the enchanted woods. Along the way he meets 3 unique companions. They have the unfortunate luck of falling into the hands of a diabolical witch. She tries to imprison them under a spell to do her evil bidding. They manage, by the aid of a fairy of the wood, to escape her wicked clutches. This initiates a chase of the four escapees by Igor, a raven, her “eyes in the sky”; Leopold, a black leopard tracking their scent and two trolls, each flying a large dragonfly.

The four friends meet a wizard who sees all, visible and non-visible. He prepares them physically and mentally for a confrontation with the threatening trackers.

In the course of their travels they encounter, a 50-foot demon of the underworld; the Troggs, underground humanoid beings; Sir George, a skilled knight; a Dragon; the Good Earth Village, the home of friendly Gnomes. The prince and friends set out on a crusade with the Gnomes to recover stolen gems and to return an abducted Gnome mother and her two children that were taken when goblins raided the friendly village.

The story builds when the small party of Gnomes, the prince, and friends eventually do battle with the witch’s dark forces. Included in evil entourage are the thieving globins, an army of trolls and Trill, the master of “Sikan” an awakened griffin from a two hundred year spell educed sleep.

This fascinating fairy-tale adventure has plenty of action, surprising twists, and turns with interesting sub plots. The characters come to life as they, and the reader, experience growth and excitement as the fable unfolds. It is a story that once begun you won’t want to put down.

Emma Price

Emma L. Price is a retired elementary school teacher, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Formerly of North Carolina, she now lives in Southern California. Mrs. Price has published several professional articles in journals and newspapers. Portia’s Incredible Journey is her first published children’s book.

Book CoverPortia’s Incredible Journey:
“When Portia turns eleven, her life explodes in several different directions. She faces crisis after crisis, but her strong spirit and Grandma Ruth’s unconditional love and sage advice keep her moving ahead on the right path. Both girls and boys will relate to Portia’s problems and learn from the ways she resolves them.”
  -Mary Jo Hazard, M.A., M.F.T., author of The Peacocks of Palos Verdes

Learn more and order books at::


Casey Simpson

On the edge of a crumbling empire, a young orphan struggles desperately to escape a life of poverty and slavery. When she stows away aboard a galleon headed for the capitol of the world, Thistle is set on a collision course with the Royal House of Ran. Aided by a drunken sea captain, a one eyed peddler and a boy soldier, Thistle fights to save her world, even as she learns the strange truth about this far future earth. 

A queen who must remain forever masked dreams of reviving ancient glories—and unspeakable weapons from the dawn time. But she is not what she seems, nor is the unforgettable girl known as Thistle.

Book CoverCasey Simpson has worked as a lighting technician on major motion pictures such as Tim Burton’s Batman, Star Trek the Voyage Home, Black Rain, and Ghost among others, as well as such hit TV series as Cheers, Family Ties, Star Trek TNG, The Arsenio Hall Show and the Tonight Show. Casey has designed lighting effects for Disneyland and Universal Studios.

Possessed of Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Casey has taught Linux, and networking, toured the US in a rock band, and built amusement park rides in Kuwait, Tokyo and Paris, and climbed every peak above ten thousand feet in the continental US. Casey once survived being pummeled by heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson. Now living in Laguna Beach, California, the author is hard at work on the sequel to Thistle.

HeadshotAnn A. Wilmer-Lasky

Ann Wilmer-Lasky is no stranger to the rugged landscapes and unstable ground described in "The Chronicles of Acqueria: Blood Moon Treachery". Having spent time in the deserts of Arizona, she now lives in sunny, shaky southern California where she writes this YA soft sci-fi/fantasy series.

Book Cvr"The Chronicles of Acqueria: Blood Moon Treachery", a YA soft sci-fi/fantasy novel, is Sentia's story. At sixteen summers, she is about to be joined for life to a young man she does not love, while custom forbids her to join with the one she does. The two young rivals, submerigible pilots in the service of the rocky and shaky city of Acqueria, pursue what is deemed a lofty political prize, for Sentia is the daughter of the Chief Elder. One of the young men would destroy his future for her; the other would destroy her for his future.

Not wanting to defy her father, her stepmother or the customs of her people, Sentia is torn. In her heart, she knows she cannot join without love, and she is fearful the young man she loves will not fight for her. The solution she chooses at Blood Moon Ceremony sets in motion a series of events she cannot foresee, but with which she must come to terms.
This coming-of-age tale touches on blended and dysfunctional families, ancestral and social prejudices and the challenges of growing up in a patriarchal society. It is set in a world where technology is energized by an extremely unstable source deep underground and by magnetic powerstones gathered from the desolate, rocky landscape.

Print copies and kindle editions are available at and Barnes & Noble on-line.

The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society is a non-profit organization that provides a forum for writers of all disciplines to meet and discuss their craft and the business of writing. GLAWS accomplishes this through monthly meetings, discussion forums, critique groups, special writer appearances, conferences, and other events conducted for the purpose of educating and mentoring writers of all levels of expertise. GLAWS monthly general meetings are open to the public, the first you may attend free before joining. It is a great venue to meet other writers and expand your expertise.


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