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Special Speaker Event!

"New Paradigms in Publishing
For Independent-Minded Authors

The publishing world is undergoing a sea change. There are more places to publish than in New York and ways to do so. No more year-long lead times. No hordes of middlemen waiting for their “cut.” And don’t forget about that lack of control every author experiences once the manuscript is handed over. Instead, new technologies and platforms offer a whole new way to define things, and you, the content owner, hold the power. Entirely author-driven and expressly unique, it may change publishing forever. What does this mean? Where is this reinvention taking us? What are the possibilities and challenges?

A panel of independent publishers and printers give you the features and benefits of going your own way....No matter what you are writing, plan to attend this Special Speaker Event to further your education and career as a writer.

Panel Speakers: Donald Jacques, Patti Hulstrand, René Gagnon, and Deborah Bellis.

The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society is a non-profit organization that provides a forum for writers of all disciplines to meet and discuss the craft and the business of writing. GLAWS accomplishes this through monthly meetings, discussion forums, critique groups, special writer appearances, conferences, and other events conducted for the purpose of educating and mentoring writers of all levels of expertise. GLAWS Special Speaker Events are open to the public, and a great venue to meet other writers and expand your expertise.

Saturday, May 22nd, 3:00 pm
Palms-Rancho Park Library
2920 Overland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90064  
Come early for best seating and to network with other writers.

AZ Publishing Services

Donald Jacques at the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society Donald Jacques at the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society
Donald Jacques, PRESIDENT Patti Hulstrand, CEO

It used to be that books were discovered and the author had an agent who worked for the best deal. We all thought that published authors made scads of money. Or so we thought …

The fact is, that of any book that has been published, the author typically received less than 10% of the total monies earned. For books on the bestseller list, that sold millions of books, that percentage can be a large amount of money. But for the majority of published authors, who rarely receive anything beyond their advance, those royalties are never received.

But can you really make money as an author? The short answer is sometimes. The long answer is that it depends on how you approach it.

Traditional publishing is no longer a viable business. The publishing industry as a whole is changing rapidly with the advent of new digital technologies, the availability of content over the Internet, and the many opportunities for authors to print and distribute their own works.

The new face of publishing is Digital: Digital Creation using your computer, Digital Production across networks and email, and Digital printing that takes days instead of weeks, and Digital Distribution across the Internet.

Even an experienced author may not know about all the changes taking place in the publishing industry right now. There is a lot of incorrect information being circulated, especially on the internet. Authors need to learn how to benefit from this fast changing face of publishing.

Charles Burgess was AZ Publishing's first author outside of Don Jacques and PJ Hultstrand. They are gumming their way through all the red tape that has crusted over from age and put there by the dinosaur publishing companies who don’t want any small publisher to play in their sand box. Az Publishing Services, LLC is paving their way into the new eBook market as well as print publishing.

Twenty books so far and now growing by two to three books per month, Az Publishing Services, LLC is being noticed for their revolutionary ideas that they hope will shake up the publishing industry even more. Patti Hultstrand, Publisher/CEO for Az Publishing Services stated, “We’re biting at their ankles, and taking our authors with us.”

6020 N. 77th Place · Scottsdale, AZ 85250
480.559.4134 ·


Marla Miller

Allura Press -René Gagnon, CEO

René Gagnon is CEO and co-owner of Allura Press, a self-publishing company based in Southern California. René was born and raised in Québec, Canada where his father owned a printing company for over 37 years. René has been a successful businessman and has owned several businesses for over 14 years in Canada and USA.  He also worked 3 years as a prepress production manager in the book division of Transcontinental Printing, the 5th biggest printing company in North America.

Allura Press and René help authors to make their dream come true by assisting them with all processes in book publishing. Allura has created a special “a la carte” program to make self-publishing easy and cost-effective.

Allura Press also donated the printing of the full-color flyer for GLAWS at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2010.

You can contact René at


Tony N Todaro at GLAWS

Reflections Publishing - Deborah Bellis, President

Deborah Bellis is president of Reflections Publishing, Inc.  a independent small press publishing house, where she also takes pride in providing writing and publishing packages for the writer.  Deborah is a co facilitator of Reflections Creative Writers Workshops and teaches the fundamentals of creative writing and self publishing.  She is a former spokesperson for United Way, attended Cleveland State University, and won a 2007 scholarship for Publishers University in New York City.   She is a contributing author for Chicken Soup for the African American Soul.

Deborah is presently working with the Freewill Writers Foundation, which she co founded to provide writers workshops to females in the California prison system and at risk high school students. She is a ghostwriter, copy editor and writing coach.

"As a small press publisher I see more and more how important it is to know what the traditional book industry will or will not accept. So many authors romance the creative side, that they don't really get involved with the business side of their project until the book is written. Then what???

Many times, self publishers are picked up by traditional publishers. I guess for all of those writers, who have a ton of rejection slips, it's hard. So we at Reflections Publishing, believe that in those instances, that the writer can take charge of their work and self publish. As you know all the big traditional houses now have self publishing legs, its big business.

We are finding that the more uncomfortable writers become with their life situations, the more they want to take control of their lives, and they feel in control when their write and make it happen, through self publishing their work. So you see I am a clear advocate for self publishing, I believe that this option allows many to achieve their dreams as they create and publish the written word."

You can reach Ms. Bellis at


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